"Glowing Rocks"
Minerals that Fluoresce
Some minerals  can glow under certain conditions and there are ways to see that glow.  The most popular way is to use ultra violet light of different wavelengths to induce the mineral to "fluoresce".  This means the UV light acts with the mineral compounds to produce a third element, in this case light. There are hundreds of different mineral types that fluoresce and a variety of amazing colours. It is such a fascinating twist to rock collecting.

Many Precious and semi precious gems can also glow, such as Ruby and Diamond. The equipment to view glowing rocks can be a bit expensive, but new technologies are emerging at the moment that will soon make it very affordable to display your glowing treasures!

Below are some good websites to learn lots more about this little known but fascinating activity.
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Mineralogy Club of Antwerp, Belgium
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and good illustrated stories of searching for rocks in Greenland.
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Glowing Rocks
My web page dedicated to Glowing Rocks
Charles B. Ward fluorescent minerals
Very nice supplier site and helpful person.